Stephanie Maza


Stephanie Maza

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I am the owner and lead therapist of Choose Happy Therapy, a counselling private practice for children, adolescents and adults.



Where are you from? Tell us where you were born and raised. Did you have a traditional upbringing for your culture or a unique situation? Did you and/or your family relocate?
Born in Toronto, Ontario. My family is from South America and I grew up speaking both English and Spanish.

Your education: Where, when and what did you study? In what courses did you excel and were there any challenges in your education?
Psychology at the University of Guelph, Graduate certificates and Master of Psychology.

What is your current workplace setting? What were there stages involved in getting to where you are now?
My office spaces as well as the hospital

Tell us a bit more about yourself – what do you like to do with your free time? Do you have hobbies, a favourite author, artist, movie, series, food, destination, blogger, etc. – anything at all you’d like to share?
I have two fur baby’s that I adore! I love travelling, trying new cuisines and staying active!

A lot has changed in 2020. Any advice to share about how to approach your work, relationships or homelife in the era of the ‘new normal’? What will life be like in a year from now?
Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to feel emotions, even the uncomfortable ones. Reach out for help. Check in on loved ones. This time is unlike anything we have ever experienced.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about a career in mental health or just getting started?
Getting started and enrolling is the first step!

Are you seeing clients in-person again? What have you learned about this process?
Absolutely. I have been seeing clients throughout the pandemic and have expanded my practice to help meet new client needs.

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