Camilla Lofranco


Camilla Lofranco

B.Sc., MACP, Registered Psychotherapist

Member of the OAMHP since:



Camilla specializes in anxiety, depression, and trauma for children, teens, adults and their families. Child behaviour, teen bullying, and relationship challenges are some of the issues she deals with on a regular basis.

Camilla has also supported First Responders for over 20 years. She is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and supports individuals and groups in defusing and debriefings immediately following an incident / event. She has supported responders in community crisis events such as 9/11, SARS, Toronto mass shootings, and COVID19. While counselling is an incredible benefit, it is important to have the right connection with a trusted therapist. Camilla understands the need for strict confidentiality when providing support to First Responders and members of their families.




Your education: Where, when and what did you study? In what courses did you excel and were there any challenges in your education?

Camilla completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto with a focus on Life Sciences and Psychology (mind, brain and behaviour). She then studied at Adler University in Chicago completing her Masters of Counselling Psychology in 1996. Having studied various psychological theories and psychotherapeutic approaches, she believes in treating the individual from a holistic perspective. She strives to help you heal in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental, and supportive environment.

A lot has changed in 2020. Any advice to share about how to approach your work, relationships or homelife in the era of the ‘new normal’? What will life be like in a year from now?

I offer distance counselling to ensure my clients feel safe and supported. While no one knows what tomorrow will bring, I will help you focus on the things that you do have control over right now. You will feel empowered and less anxious.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about a career in mental health or just getting started?

Mental Health is a very rewarding career. There are many aspects to this career and of course many ways to be employed. Don’t be afraid to try the various aspects until you find the one that speaks to you.

Are you seeing clients in-person again? What have you learned about this process?

I am currently transitioning to seeing clients in person. I am learning that we need to respect everyone’s opinion and points of view.